About the Betwixt Podcast

There is a mysterious moment when dusk deepens to night and when dawn lucidly births a new day. It is the threshold between darkness and light, betwixt heaven and earth. Anthropologists call it liminal space – the transitional and transformational doorway between one thing and another.


Although it is full of ambiguity, we need this in-between space  in order to make distinctions and to form identity. There is a threshold - a space between places - where we undergo separation and a death of sorts in order for new life to burst forth. Often invisible, it's the margins, the space between letters, the rest between notes, the breath between words. Marked by the holy and the taboo, this is where our hopes, fears, and values are most vibrant.


The Betwixt podcast is devoted to the betwixing space where faith and culture converge. This intersection, at once sacred and dangerous, sanctions the shedding of our past and the mantling of our becoming. Conversations with fascinating guests will coax us out of our ideological trenches with betwixting stories from the middle space.

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Hi y'all, Konichiwa, Sawatdi ka, Tudo Bem, Hej! I'm Deb Gregory and I am a liminal creature sometimes called a "Third Culture Kid." Born in Japan and raised between Asia and the United States, my feet have flip-flopped across the borders of more than 50 countries.  My academic background, which feels very hazy and distant most days, is in Theology, Archaeology, Old Testament Studies, and Mass Communications.


Professionally, I am a spiritual director, a documentary filmmaker and now a made up thing called a "podcast curator." Slinging my camera through far-off places like war-torn Angola, the brothels of Cambodia and West Africa, and a prison for drug mules in Ecuador, I’ve encountered the suffering and the goodness of so many people betwixt death and life, darkness and light, ashes and beauty.


These conversations along the journey have changed me. I've found that no matter where I am or who I meet, as long as I engage others with an open heart, my life story is always being shaped by their lives and stories.


I hope that the conversations that you hear in this virtual space will draw you into deeper, enriching, and empathetic face-to-face conversations and will inspire life-changing experiences of your own, no matter where you are on your journey.


The people who have changed me most, in all the best and deepest ways, are my two curious daughters and my rocket scientist husband. We all live together in Columbus, Ohio.