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Betwixt is opening conversations at the intersection of faith and culture. Marked by the sacred and taboo, this space often feels like a warzone.

As polarizing ideologies push us into foxholes, the safe spaces for good conversation - the ones that change us rather than entrench us - are dwindling. Where can we go to engage others who are not like us, who can challenge or sharpen our worldview?

Nothing flourishes in a foxhole. Entering the liminal between space, we discover who we really are, what we really believe, and how to cultivate shared values and meaningful communities.

I don't want to change minds.

I want to change conversations!

The Betwixt podcast is devoted to the sacred and dangerous in-between spaces where we learn more about ourselves as we listen to others. Conversations with fascinating guests will coax us out of our ideological trenches with betwixing stories from the middle space.


Help! I'm giving birth to a podcast.

I need a village to raise it!

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With YOUR help, I can tell betwixing stories like these about liminal people, places, and pratices!

  • Radical Forgiveness: In response to manslaughter, how the the radical forgiveness of the Amish community changed a young man forever; How unleashing the power of reconciliation between genocide perpetrators and victims in a Rwandan prison is changing a nation.​

  • Covered Up: Why do religious women cover their heads? Modesty, subservience, or cultural rebellion? I talk with women from the three Abrahamic faiths to find out why!​​

  • Coming of Age: A group of Coloradan men render a modern rite-of-passage to initiate their sons into manhood; Female Genital Cutting: How doctors attempt to salvage a traditional rite-of-passage while saving the lives of young girls.

  • Turning Wine to Grape Juice: How the Temperance Movement watered down the holiest Christian sacrament and its ripple effect around the world.

  • How Prayer Changes Us: Entering the space between heaven and earth with silence, imagination, and ducks(?), prayer does more than change outcomes - it changes us.

  • Breaking the Intersex Silence: How do people born without binary gender distinctions engage faith and culture? Stepping away from the gender battle, we listen to the civilian stories of intersexed people scarred by shame, silence, and scalpel.​​

  • Your Betwixing Story: What stories would you like to hear or share?

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