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Walter Brueggemann on failed white domination and the door of hope!

* Illustrations by Denise Klitsie and used with permission from FULLER studio,

providing resources for a deeply formed spiritual life.

"Edgeman" Walter Brueggemann helps kick off the Betwixt Podcast with this introductory episode. We explore themes of prophetic imagination, sacrament, wilderness, liminal space, and the failure of white domination.

As a special treat, he reads from his book Prayers for a Privileged People.

“The old world of white domination has failed . . .

we are seeing the anger and the fear and

the hate about how uneasy we are of

having to live in that moment.”

- Walter Brueggemann


*Special thanks to Ryvoli for sharing their song Roots and to Tudor Consort for the use of their song Sanctus.

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