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Sex Trafficking (Part 2) Men Who Buy Sex: John School with Chris Stollar

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How Do You Treat Men Who Buy Sex?

Confession: This episode was difficult to produce. It has exposed how my desire for justice far outweighing my willingness to extend compassion toward men who solicit prostitutes and contribute to the horrific world of human trafficking.​

Yet, Chris Stollar presents us with a compelling challenge to hold both justice and mercy in tandem in the fight against sex trafficking.

“We will never end trafficking unless we reach the men who are

fueling the demand in the first place.”

Chris Stollar is the Demand Reduction Coordinator for She Has A Name, an organization that fights human trafficking in Ohio. As a John School presenter, he seeks to reduce the demand for prostitution through working directly with men who have been caught trying to buy sex.

Chris is the author of The Black Lens which is a dark literary thrilled that exposes the underbelly of sex trafficking in rural America. The novel is the 2016 Grand Prize winner in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards and has recently been optioned by a production company to be turned into a film.

Chris lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and two children. He serves as a lay pastor at Veritas Community Church.

Listen in as Chris shares his personal experience in working with Johns and offers an invitation to consider and address the root causes that drive men to solicit.

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