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Betwixt Update, Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek, and Prep for Season 2!

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Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Betwixt takes you behind the scenes to see how the podcast has been produced and what's changing for Season 2!

We will continue to have fascinating guests and share compelling stories from the in-between spaces where growth and transformation happen.

But, Deb is taking a short pause to finish the linen-closet/isolation booth make-over and to spend time with her kids before they head back to school in September!

Check out the new booth!

This summer, my kids helped me convert our linen closet into an isolation booth. We added sound reduction panels to keep the neighborhood noise out, sound absorbing foam to reduce echo, and sound blankets to dramatically reduce the noise levels. It's not perfect. I can still hear the rumble of airplanes but it's now something I can isolate and reduce with my audio software! Plus, it's a cozy space for introvert and prayer times =)

Over the next month, I'll be recording, editing and producing new episodes with the hope of launching Season 2 late September! In the meantime, you can listen to all the episodes you missed, listen again to the episodes that touched you the most and pass Betwixt along to friends!

This Podcast relies on shares & reviews from listeners like you!

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