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Tish Harrison Warren on Miscarriage and Liturgical Response

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“With miscarriage, because our culture can be divided about whether or not this is actually a human-being. . . there’s no cultural space that acknowledges that grief.” – Tish Harrison Warren

My guest is Tish Harrison Warren who is an Anglican Priest and the author of Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life.

In this episode, Tish shares her painful story of miscarriage. Because miscarriage was a wordless experience, she recognized her need of words from her community. She grasped on to liturgies of lament, wrapping time-tested words around her grief in the presence of community.

How do we pastor those who have experienced loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility or a regretted abortion? Listen as Tish casts a vision of grief care through liturgy.

“Miscarriage, for me it was complex grieving. I mean this baby–this living and dying that was all happening right in my body. . . . it’s hard for even finding words for this. And I think that’s partly because in times of deep grief, words are given to us. That’s why we have funerals. And because we don’t have that typically for women that walk through miscarriage, it can be a wordless experience.”

– Tish Harrison Warren

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What was that song at the end of the episode?

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  • Kai Engel: Tumult, Harbor, Meekness, and Aspirato

  • Tudor Consort: Kyrie Eleison

  • Joelle Hochstedler: Pain

Special Thanks to Indelible Grace for granting us permission to record their arrangement of Abide With Me for use in this episode. This version of Abide with Me was written by Henry Lyte, arranged by Justin Smith and performed by Joelle Hochstedler, Deb Gregory and Joe Byler.


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