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Natasha Sistrunk Robinson on Truth-telling in a Divided World

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When was the last time you told to a difficult truth to someone? How did it go?

Today we talk with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson about her journey of becoming a truth-teller in a divided world.

Natasha is someone I’ve been listening to and learning from for sometime now. I’ve been struck by the way she spans the distance between diverse communities, building bridges of deeper understanding, reconciliation and healing. The way that she balances strength with humility is something I’ve come to really admire in the way that she leads and I hope that you pick up on some that in our conversation today.

So who is Natasha Sistrunk Robinson? Natasha describes herself as a black girl from small town Orangeburg, South Carolina. She was a star student and athlete with the kind of leadership potential that led her to the US Naval Academy and on to becoming a Marine Corp Officer. She has worked in leadership positions in the military, government, church, seminary and non-profit sectors.

She is also the founder of Leadership LINKS, Inc. where she mentors leaders toward affecting generational and cultural change.

Natasha has written several books on Mentorship and discipleship and is the author of her newest book: A Sojourner's Truth: Choosing Freedom and Courage in a Divided World. And that’s what we are going to talk about today.

“When you have influence, and all of us do, consider your space. How do you invite people into those spaces and opportunities because of the gospel?”

– Natasha Sistrunk Robinson


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