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The Good Chaos: Bruce Herman on Dancing after your House Burns Down (The Art of Paradox Part 1)

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Detailed texture from Bruce Herman's Painting Planetary Nimbus V

A great paradox of the Christian life is to stand at the edge of loss and to somehow gain freedom.

Artist Bruce Herman watched his house burn down. And then he went dancing. Listen as Bruce shares this paradoxical story of freedom amidst great loss.

“A bunch of people have asked me over the years, what was it like to have your house hit by three bolts of lightning, burn down and destroy 25 years of your work as an artist? That must have been devastating!

My honest answer is, ‘No, it really wasn’t. It was a eucatastrophe. It’s the good chaos or the good catastrophe.’ Right after the fire. That same evening, my wife and I went dancing.”

"We either believe that God is going to take care of us or we don’t."

Bruce Herman

Bruce Herman is an artist, essayist, speaker, professor. He is the Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in Fine Arts at Gordon College where he founded the Art Department 35 years ago. Herman’s art has been exhibited around the world. His paintings have been housed in world renown museums like the Vatican Museum of Modern Religious Art and the Cincinnati Museum of Fine Arts.

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