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Maundy Thursday: The Anti-Revival Liturgy Worth Reviving (with Jay Greener & Tara Owens)

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"Maundy Thursday takes us into a place of honesty in our Holy Week journey."

As we begin the journey of Holy Week, Jay Greener and Tara Owens tell a stunning Maundy Thursday story. This often overlooked Holy Day invites us into three uncomfortable movements that prepare our hearts for Easter.

Listen as we explore the institution of the Lord’s Supper and the discomfort of foot washing. Then we turn our attention to how the disorientation of betrayal prepares our hearts for Easter. And through it all, we walk with Jesus and are reminded that he loved us to the end.

“On Maundy Thursday you leave in silence, totally bereft.

There are no clergy left because they’ve abandoned the people.

It is disorienting and it’s meant to be." Jay Greener

Rev. Canon Jay Greener serves as the Rector at Church of the Redeemer In Chicago. Before that he served in various ministry roles within churches and Christian organizations around the country. Jay is also a Canon, or Senior Priest, in the Shyira Diocese of the Anglican Church of Rwanda.Formerly a broadcaster, Jay is particularly interested in the many ways that we hear God, and communicate about God. He is a graduate of Wheaton College, Yale Divinity School, and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Worship and the Arts.

"I have Stripped Him. I have taken his glory for my own."

Tara Owens in Embracing the Body

Tara Owens opens up our imagination for Maundy Thursday through her own story, which she writes about in her book Embracing the Body:Finding God in Our Flesh and Bone. Tara is a writer, Spiritual Director and Founder of Anam Cara Ministries. She holds a TM in Spiritual Formation from Tyndale Seminary.

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